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Verses that mean a lot

Choice for Teenager cover Thoughts of a retired BOOK 1 Front cover for GWHE on ebook (2) Beyond Mercy bookcover ISBN9780955531040 ISBN9780955531057 ISBN9780955531064 Kaleidoscope Collection Facing each day

Poems for 3-7 yrs                                Growing Up                             Coping with Illness and Grief                 Choice for Teenagers        

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Facing each day                    Kaleidoscope BOOK 1           Kaleidoscope BOOK 2            Kaleidoscope:The Collection        Poems in times of grief          Twilight Years  


           Daily Life                               From Darkness to Light             A Spiritual Journey                    BEYOND MERCY            

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Poems 3-7 cover Poems in times of grief 2 Twilight Years

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Thoughts BOOK 1              Thoughts BOOK 2                     Recollections of a                 Richard Shaw's Legacy                 Glimpses                          The girl who had everything -

                                                                                        Yorkshire Village 1914-30                                                              short poems                                         and more

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